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Try up to 10 TMPR paddles for 2 weeks (starts from date receive the demos). Select the demo package and weight range option you prefer. In the notes section at checkout, you can request customization of your selections. We can typically add one paddle with a custom handle (larger and/or smaller) to try. 

During checkout, please fill out all fields, including your full name, street address, email and phone number. When demo program is complete*, you will receive a $20 "Thank You" discount off one paddle, which is required to be used within 30 days of returning the demos. 

After placing your order, it's required that we speak on the phone to collect a valid credit card number to keep on file until demos are returned. Your order will ship after receiving this information. 

 For security reasons, set forth by website payment processors, we do not have access to your full card number (only last 4 digits). This is similar to an online hotel reservation; when you arrive to the reception desk for your stay, they ask for your card for 'incidentals', even though you entered your card number when making the reservation. 

When choosing shipping method, we don't recommend Next Day Air/2nd Day Air because until we speak on the phone the demos can't be shipped. Also, it takes more time to prepare the demo program. 

This program is available in the Continental USA only. Contact us to find out how to demo TMPR paddles in Canada and other select areas. 

If you have questions, email us at and type “Demo Program” in the subject line or call 269-683-9500.

*Please read above in-full before ordering. In the event that the demo paddles are not returned at the end of the program, we will first attempt to make contact as a reminder. If we are unable to reach you after several attempts, and demos are not returned, your card will be charged for the paddles' predetermined value. 

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TMPR Demo Program

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