Terra LX

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  • Thickness: 16 mm
  • Length: 16.25”
  • Width: 7.68”
  • Handle length: 5.25”

The Terra LX features the TMPR 16 mm Luxe Core™ providing a balance of control and power, allowing superior touch for players who want to “feel” the ball on the paddle. The longer, 5.25” handle helps with two-handed backhands.  Features TMPR vibration dampening technology in the handle.

How To Grip a Pickleball Paddle

Terra LX
Terra LX
Terra LX
Terra LX
Terra LX
Terra LX
Terra LX

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Like the feel of the racket

Tried this racket out at a local club & really liked it. Got a great price through the TMPR site. Very quick shipping.

Brian S
Great Paddle

Just bought the Terra LX. It is a great paddle. Only played with it a couple of times but again, I love it and think it is a great Paddle.

Excellent Shot Stability and Control

Moved from the Ascend (my first paddle) to the Terra LX. I like the shape, balance and feel. I like the heavyweight choice because it holds stable for hard drive returns and resets from the baseline to the net. Likewise, it gives lots of power on serve and returns.

Laura F
It’s a hit!

I’m very happy with the Terra LX. It has improved my game by giving me a better feel for the ball and improving my confidence in hitting the ball to a targeted spot. The choice in grip sizes allowed me to buy a paddle that fits my hand well.

Game Changer!!

Tried the Terra LX16 DEMO during a drills session by Pro-Don Happ and this paddle instantly changed my game. Serving, spin control, power and feel were superior to the paddle I was previously using. Hats off to Don Happ for introducing me to the Terra LX16!! Love my new Terra LX16!!

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