Terra TC-13

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  • Thickness: 13 mm
  • Length: 16.25”
  • Width: 7.68”
  • Handle length: 5.25“

The Terra TC-13 features the T700 textured carbon surface for maximum spin with an aerodynamic shape for faster swing speed. The 13mm core thickness gives more power for drives. The 5.25“ handle length helps with two-handed backhands. Features TMPR vibration dampening technology in the handle.

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Terra TC-13

Customer Reviews

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Kathy Heikel
TMPR Terra 13

This paddle is really what I was lookin for - good control and no vibrations that I was having with my previous paddle.

Greg Hansen
Great paddle with a bit of added power

I wrote and in-depth review of this paddle. You can read it here: https://theadventurousboomer.blog/review-of-the-tmpr-terra-tc-13/

Terra TC 13 : Oh wow!

What a paddle! Great control and plenty of power. A fellow player had a Demo Terra TC 13 and she let me try the paddle. My first impression was very positive but the more I played with it the more convince I was that the Terra TC13 was my paddle. The third shot long dink became more consistent, the volleys more responsive and never mind the spins!
I have played with several other paddles but from now on this is my paddle. As I said in the title of my review:¡ Qué Paleta!

The paddle of my dreams!

I've been eagerly anticipating the production of the Terra TC-13, and it has been worth the wait, as this paddle truly is magical! It successfully accomplishes whatever I ask of it, be it hitting with power, dinking, resetting - you name it, it does it. Also, the spin I can place on the ball is absolutely amazing; balls that look like they're sailing well out suddenly drop in at the baseline, much to the dismay of my opponents. And the paddle's controlled touch allows me to place shots with incredible accuracy. If you want a paddle that comes as close as possible to doing it all, the Terra TC-13 is IT!

The Terra TC-13 Feels Like It Was Designed For Me!

I'm a former tennis player now playing pickleball exclusively with TMPR paddles. I'm on my third one, the Terra TC-13. I like the thinner (13mm vs 16mm) body. It retains the right amount of solid feel I get from my other TMPR paddles for serves, ground strokes and controlling hard drives at the kitchen, yet has a light touch benefiting my soft game at the net. The paddle core and face texture allow accurate placement with significant spin when needed.

The Terra TC-13 combines the features I like from my other TMPR paddles into one great paddle that feels like it was made just for me! The new shape has a longer sweet-spot and a slightly curved top that fits my swing perfectly. From my tennis background I appreciate the longer grip, which fits my ergonomic expectation and gives me extra reach on wide shots and net poaches. I also like that its available in a "heavy-weight" option—I play an 8.3 oz. paddle for power and defensive control at the kitchen. I also like their sturdy bound-edge design which contributes to the overall solid TMPR feel.

I've demoed paddles from other major manufacturers, and the TMPR paddles always feel so much better than those typically thinner, harder, edgeless alternatives with shorter grips which were harder to control and tended to spin in my hand. I can't imagine playing any other paddle than a TMPR. In addition to their fantastic equipment, TMPR has extraordinary customer service and support. You can't go wrong with TMPR or the Terra TC-13.

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