Expanse LX | Indigo Ice

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  • Thickness: 16 mm
  • Length: 15.88"
  • Width: 8.13"
  • Handle length: 5" 

Indigo Ice limited edition.

The Expanse LX is for the player who wants extra control and defense at the net with a balance of control and power. Made with the TMPR Luxe Core. It has a 5" handle length, and comes standard with a 4.25" circumference that is octagonally-shaped. The Expanse LX is TMPR's version of a wide-body paddle, with slightly rounded sides to increase both playing area and performance. Features TMPR vibration dampening technology.

How To Grip a Pickleball Paddle

Expanse LX | Indigo Ice
Expanse LX | Indigo Ice
Expanse LX | Indigo Ice
Expanse LX | Indigo Ice
Expanse LX | Indigo Ice

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great paddle even better customer service

First, I used the demo program and was able to test 5 different options and found the Expanse LX to be best for me. Just as described with power and control at the net. During my trial, I asked the service team a lot of questions and they responded so quickly and went above and beyond each time. They even were able to modify the grip to fit my needs. I absolutely love the paddle! The experience throughout the process was incredible. If I was on the fence about which company to purchase from, the customer service staff alone would make me purchase from TMPR. Thank you!

Stacy Stoll
Satisfying Feel & Excellent Control

Expanse LX is a paddle like none other. The absence of vibration is a key differentiator as is the Luxe Overgrip that is never slippery, even with play July in Florida. This is my second Expanse LX. The feel upon strike is quite satisfying as well.

gary thornhill

The highest quality paddle I've played with so far.

Brian S
Consistent, Forgiving, and Powerful

I was looking for a more traditional paddle shape and was directed to this paddle. Drops, drives, and dinks seem easy to consistently place with this paddle. The rounded edges made it seem faster in my hands than other paddles of similar styles from different manufacturers.

As someone who deals with golfer's elbow, the anti-vibration handle is effective for preventing pain and irritation.

I definitely would recommend this paddle to just about anyone

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