Tantrum GXT

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  • Thickness: 13 mm
  • Length: 16.25”
  • Width: 7.75”
  • Handle length: 5” 

The Tantrum GXT is a high performance paddle for the player who wants extra control at the net. Made with a unidirectional carbon fiber face and honeycomb polymer core, the Tantrum GXT is a semi-elongated paddle with an extra-soft touch. It has a 5" handle length, and comes standard with a 4.25" circumference that is octagonally-shaped. The Tantrum GXT’s rounded shape creates a larger sweet spot than traditional square shaped paddles. Features TMPR vibration dampening technology which diminishes arm strain that can lead to pickleball elbow.

How To Grip a Pickleball Paddle

Tantrum GXT
Tantrum GXT
Tantrum GXT
Tantrum GXT
Tantrum GXT

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Muir

This is the 3rd Tmpr Tantrum GXT that I have purchased. I am very happy with the soft touch and power that I get from this paddle.

Game changer

I was looking for a paddle to replace my Tempest Wave 2 that would give me all the control and forgiveness but with a little more power and I think the Tantrum GXT delivers on that. There was a little bit of adjustment because the paddle is a little more elongated so the sweet spot sits a little higher, but after a few games I had it dialed in. This paddle is not a power paddle and it doesn’t pretend to be but if you’re looking for good control paddle that has enough power for put away shots it’s definitely worth looking at.

Keegan Maroney
Control is Optimal

I'm still getting used to it, but I bought this paddle because it's supposed to have control and from what I'm learning control is huge. I used to play tennis and overpowered a lot of my shots leading to out of bounds plays, so I'll be happy if this paddle helps me keep the ball from going out of bounds.

A big step up

As a newer pickleballer the Tantrum GXT paddle is perfect for me with its excellent control and forgiveness. I love the soft feel when dinking and making drop shots! This paddle is a big step up and I feel that I am more consistent with many of my shots.

Love the feel of this paddle!!

Just received my new Tantrum GXT.
Love the way it looks and I like the soft feel of the ball against the sweet spot! I can’t wait to try this against my pals!

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