TMPR Games | Tournament of Drills

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  • Dinks/Volleys
    • 15 - 20 minutes of initial instruction/drills
    • 3 11 point games played out from the kitchen. Each team will play every team within their 4 team pod.
  • Drops/Transition Zone
    • 15 - 20 minutes of initial instruction drills on drops and moving through the transition zone
    • 3 11 point games of 7/11. Each team will play every team within their 4 team pod.
  • Full Games
    • 3 full games to 11. Each team will play every team within their 4 team pod.
  • Playoffs
    • Based on the number of points scored, all teams will be seeded and matched up against other teams for a 2 game playoff. The top 4 teams will play to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.


  • 1st prize (TMPR long sleeve t-shirt)
  • 2nd prize (TMPR short sleeve t-shirt)
  • 3rd prize (TMPR hat)
  • All players will be able to apply $25 of their entry fee towards the purchase of a new paddle or backpack.

How To Grip a Pickleball Paddle

TMPR Games | Tournament of Drills
TMPR Games | Tournament of Drills

Customer Reviews

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Dan Talsma
Tournament of Drills Review

Don and Todd are an excellent instructional team. Our session was well organized and time was used efficiently. 'Gaming' the drills is a great idea - it turns an exercise that can sometimes be a drudge into a fun, engaging activity.
Highly recommended.

Jettison your learning.

Impressed with all the instructors and instruction . Learned a ton & had allot of fun too!!
It’s all about improving and the drills are where it starts . Will be doing it again as it’s reasonable priced . Thanks !!

Karen Schlobohm
TMPR Games

I attended the last TMPR Tournament Games, and I have to say it was so beneficial for my game. The coaches walked around and made constructive comments. “ Karen keep your paddle up” I didn’t know it was down.
We worked on drills that can improve your game, and help you get to the next level. The coaches discussed strategies to help you win games.
It was such a fun day, and great atmosphere. The coaches made drilling fun!!!
I’ve been encouraging my friends to attend the games. I don’t want them to miss out on a great experience.
I’m actually registering again to attend the June 3rd session!!!

Nathan Bradley
Excellent class

This was my first time going to a drill session. It was absolutely amazing!! They taught the drills and then turned them into excellent tournament style games. I learned a lot from this class and I highly recommend even if you’re a seasoned player. This is a class I would take monthly! Thank Don and Todd!

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