Win a Tantrum GXT Pickleball Paddle

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The Tantrum series pickleball paddles features a curved, aerodynamic shape with less drag than traditional square-shaped paddles and a larger sweet spot that extends toward the tip of the paddle head.  

We think the Tantrum GXT and Tantrum V pickleball paddles offer an advantage to athletes coming into the sport from other racquet and paddle sports. But don't take our word for it.  Hear what others have to say like Grand Rapids tennis and pickleball pro, Tony Tran.  Try one for yourself and let us know if you agree with us.  We offer a 30 day try out and free shipping when you purchase one of our paddeles from our website.  Or ask us about a local dealer who can let you try out either the Tantrum GXT or Tantrum V paddles.

“In tennis, racquet technology has changed the way the sport is played. TMPR Sports is innovating the game of pickleball by changing the traditional square frame of a pickleball paddle to an aerodynamic frame, reducing air resistance and allowing for easier maneuverability. It will be exciting to see how TMPR Sports will change the way pickleball is played” - Tony Tran, tennis and pickleball teaching pro 

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TMPR Sports is a Michigan-based paddle company focused on developing new pickleball paddle designs with innovative shapes and improved paddle performance.