TMPR Sports Introduces High Performance Pickleball Paddles

Niles, MI, USA - TMPR Sports, LLC (pronounced “Temper”), a pickleball paddle company, has released the new Tantrum GXT and Tantrum V paddles designed to satisfy the growing number of players demanding higher performance. The Tantrum series features a curved, aerodynamic shape with less drag than traditional square-shaped paddles and a larger sweet spot that extends toward the tip of the paddle head.

“In tennis, racquet technology has changed the way the sport is played. TMPR Sports is innovating the game of pickleball by changing the traditional square frame of a pickleball paddle to an aerodynamic frame, reducing air resistance and allowing for easier maneuverability. It will be exciting to see how TMPR Sports will change the way pickleball is played”, states Tony Tran, a tennis and pickleball teaching pro from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

TMPR Sports is experiencing a positive response from players who are using their paddles especially from players coming from a previous racquet or paddle sport. “The shape of the paddle is an important feature that is often overlooked in pickleball paddle designs. Physics plays a large role in its performance. The slightly rounded shape of our paddles improves the response for more accurate placement,” says TMPR Sports CEO, Doug Clark. Another feature of the Tantrum paddles is the octagon shaped handle which has a similar feel as a tennis racquet handle.

TMPR Sports has expanded its distribution into Canada through a partnership with Cam Taylor of Taylored Pickleball. According to Cam Taylor, “I found TMPR paddles to be significantly more comfortable compared to the traditional square shaped paddles. From the first time I played with the Tantrum, I felt a degree of comfort and control that I hadn’t previously experienced with any other paddle. The aerodynamic design, weight distribution and large sweet spot located near the paddle tip were all features that contribute to my comfort level in using these paddles. I couldn’t be happier to help players in Ontario and across Canada find the same level of satisfaction with a paddle as I did.”

TMPR Sports is actively looking for dealers to expand its distribution network already established in the USA, Canada and Sweden. If interested in more information about dealer opportunities contact Doug Clark.

TMPR Sports is a Michigan-based paddle company focused on developing new pickleball paddle designs with innovative shapes and improved paddle performance.