Player Profile | Sarah Rosenblum

How were you introduced to pickleball? 

After years of collegiate division 1 Track and Field, I graduated and didn’t know what to do with myself athletically. My dad had just transitioned from Tennis to Pickleball and loved it so much he built a court in our driveway. My first visit home he had a group of players waiting to teach me at the house. I immediately fell in love and got addicted – the rest is history from there!

Did you play another racquet or paddle sport prior to learning pickleball? If so how has that affected your game? 

I played some Tennis as a kid, but mostly was focused on running Track. Track has helped me with those sneaky opponents who like to dribble the ball over the net. There is no ball I’m not sprinting to get!

You won a bronze medal at the 2018 Margaritaville USA Pickleball Championships in Women’s Doubles 4.5 with Rachel Oxenden. How would you describe the competition compared to a regional tournament? 

Nationals and the US Open are always filled with top-level competition. The best and most difficult part about the National level tournaments is that you aren’t accustomed to the people you play against. In smaller, local tournaments you see and play against many of the same people. You know their game, you know their tricks – it isn’t a surprise. Nationals forces you to play new people with different styles of play. To me, this really highlights my favorite part of the game – strategy. You must identify weaknesses throughout the match, develop a plan and execute before its all over.

You play with the Tantrum V paddle. What is it that you like about the V and how is it different from other paddles you have played with? 

The first thing I noticed about the Tantrum V was the effect it had on my overheads. I have always played with more square shaped paddles and transitioning to the longer shape of the Tantrum V was an excellent improvement on my ability to bring the ball down with power. It also has great touch and finesse. My biggest strength in pickleball is my backhand dink and the Tantrum V has helped me feel more confident at the net.

When is your next tournament? 

As the “off season” of Pickleball comes upon us – I am excited for the upcoming tournaments in 2019. I will be playing in the US Open, Miracle Ear, Beer City Open, The Colorado Open, Regionals, Vegas Open, Tournament of Champions, Texas Open, Nationals and more!

You live in the Denver Colorado area. What do you do when you are not playing pickleball? 

I am a very outdoorsy gal so Colorado feeds my passion. When I’m not playing pickleball you can find me skiing, backpacking, sailing, fly fishing, practicing yoga, taking photos, rock climbing and traveling. And I’m never seen without my dog Bruce by my side!