Abbey Butterfield Joins Team TMPR

Abbey Butterfield is an internationally certified pickleball coach based in Queensland, Australia and has joined Team TMPR. Abbey is a dedicated player who loves the sport of pickleball. We are excited that she has chosen to represent TMPR and to be part of our team.


"I am 28 years old and live on the beautiful sunny Gold Coast, Australia.

I started playing tennis at the age of 6 & played 3-4 times a week until I was a teenager. Once I finished school, I attended university and completed my Bachelor of Primary Education. I then finished up teaching to be a stay at home mother to two boys (aged 3 & 5) & small business owner as an abstract artist (@flow.artbyabbeybutterfield).


At the end of 2019, my parents & husband started playing a strange new sport in Australia and they were hooked. During our lockdown in 2020, I started to learn pickleball on my parents' driveway and I was instantly addicted! Once our lockdown ended in May, we were able to get on the courts and from that point I was playing 5 days a week, every week. Since this time, I have been playing at every opportunity possible as well as at any competitions.

More recently, I became a certified coach through Mark Renneson's Pickleball Coaching International. I currently hold regular private coaching sessions as well as tournament preparation sessions for players on a weekly basis. I also assist with instructing players who are new to pickleball and provide advice on a regular basis.

My goal as a pickleball player is to compete at the highest level in Australia and travel to America in the future to participate in tournaments & clinics. I also hope to conduct kids pickleball sessions on the Gold Coast, using my expertise as a qualified teacher.


I am a very competitive person at heart, and love to challenge myself. I also enjoyed being able to participate in the social aspect of pickleball, after being a stay at home mum for 5 years and having very limited social interactions and time for myself. I love that pickleball brings so many people together, of all age groups. But I also understand the challenge of beginning a new sport after many years of no physical activity & want my clients to feel supported. I aspire to empower lower leveled players with skills & strategies and promote pickleball throughout Australia with the use of my active social media accounts and participation at tournaments around the country.

With regards to cards, my title is Internationally Certified pickleball coach and clients can reach me on my social media platforms as @thepickleballgirl and 0449 771 824. I am based on the Gold Coast but am willing to travel around the country for clinics."